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Trump Threatens To Close More Chinese Consulates:

Trump hints at closure of more Chinese consulates as China fumes
The United States and

‘Closing more Chinese consulates in US always possible’: Donald Trump
US President Donald

Trump says closing more Chinese consulates 'possible'
Trump","bold":true},{"text":", at a White House news conference, noted that a fire was spotted on the Houston

Will Trump administration close more Chinese consulates in US?
State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus discusses rising tensions and distrust with

China threatens retaliation after Houston consulate ordered to shut down
Trump","bold":true},{"text":" administration orders

Will Trump Shut Down More Chinese Embassies? ‘It’s Always Possible,’ He Says
President Donald

Beijing threatens retaliation for forced closure of Houston consulate
The U.S. State Department confirmed on Wednesday it had ordered

US orders Chinese consulate in Houston to be closed | DW News
In a further escalation of tension between the world's two biggest economies, the United States has ordered

US orders closure of China's consulate in Houston
The United States has ordered the closure of

Why the U.S. ordered Chinese consulate closed -- and what it means for foreign policy

US orders abrupt closure of Chinese consulate in Houston
The United States government has abruptly ordered

Pompeo reacts after US closes Chinese consulate in Houston | AFP
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says in a press conference with Denmark's Foreign Minister during a visit to Copenhagen that ...

China Is Buying Up The World's Ports...And No One Is Talking About It
This is the port of Long Beach California. It is the second largest Port in North America, Ahead of the 3rd largest Port of New York, ...

Tianwen 1: China launches first independent mission to Mars
China","bold":true},{"text":" has launched its first independent mission to Mars. It will take seven months to reach the Red Planet, where it will attempt to ...

The Point: China-U.S. South China Sea dispute: will it be limited to a war of words?
Tensions between the U.S. and

Mayor's Response to Closure of Chinese Consulate in Houston 7/22/2020
The UK's relationship with

South China Sea dispute: China's pursuit of resources 'unlawful', says US - BBC News
China","bold":true},{"text":" is being attacked by the west on several fronts including Huawei, Hong Kong and the South

China's Plan to Conquer the Moon, Mars and More | WSJ
This summer the planets favorably align for spacecraft to reach Mars with the least amount of fuel.

Chinese consulate in Houston appears to burn top secret documents after US ordered the office closed
A fire truck outside a

China harboring military-linked fugitive scientist at San Francisco consulate, FBI says
Former Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd breaks down the escalating tensions between the United States and

Gravitas: US v/s China: America makes 3 big moves against the dragon
From stepping up its military deployments in Asia, to exposing spies who tried to steal research on Wuhan virus vaccines - The ...

US shuts Chinese consulate; Trump to crackdown on violent crime; Police clear autonomous zone in NYC
NTD Evening News-07/22/2020 1. #

Why is the US threatening to close more Chinese consulates?
The US

Trump says additional Chinese embassy closures possible
\"As far as

U.S. orders China's Consulate-General in Houston, Texas to be closed
미, 72시간 내 중국 총영사관 폐쇄 요구... 중 강경대응 예고 The U.S. has abruptly ordered

China orders U.S. to shut down its consulate in Chengdu in retaliation for Houston closure
중국, 청두 주재 미 총영사관 폐쇄 요구 '모두 미국 책임'

US orders China to close its consulate in Houston in 72 hours
The U.S. ordered

U.S.-China Relations Deteriorate As China’s Houston Consulate Is Closed | Morning Joe | MSNBC
China","bold":true},{"text":" retaliates with a closure of a U.S.

US closes Chinese consulate in Houston
The United States ordered