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The Queer Eye Guys Make A Buzzfeed Quiz:

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This is hard work! I thought I could be a writer but now I'm tired…”

The Queer Eye Guys Play \
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Rapid Fire Questions For The 'Queer Eye' Guys
The 'Queer Eye","bold":true},{"text":"' cast (Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France) answer rapid-fire questions in a game ...

'Queer Eye' Cast Tries 9 Things They've Never Done Before | Allure
One of the stars of Netflix's

The Queer Eye Guys Try Earthworm Jerky | Disgustingly Healthy | Men's Health
The cast

Queer Eye's Fab 5 Competes in a Compliment Battle | Teen Vogue
The talented cast

an 8 min vid of the fab 5 cause i adore them (queer eye funny moments)
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Jonathan Van Ness And Antoni Porowski React To Tinder Advice
Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski are back and ready to give Tinder users the tips they need to boost their Tinder game to ...

30 Second Makeovers with Tan France | Cosmopolitan
Queer Eye's","bold":true},{"text":" Tan France helps revamp outfits in just 30 seconds! SUBSCRIBE to Cosmopolitan: ...

'Queer Eye' Cast Reviews the Internet's Biggest Wedding Videos | Brides
The Fab Five of Netflix's

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Insta-Stalks the Fab Five
Calling all fans of the Fab Five! We asked the stars of Netflix's

Queer Eye Cast React to Australian Trends | E! News
E! News Australia asked Netflix's

The Cast of Queer Eye Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star' Marie Claire
Things are heating up as

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Swipe For A Tinder User | Swipe Session | Tinder
Queer Eye's","bold":true},{"text":" Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski help Tinder user Mayra revamp her profile — spoiler alert: she gets a date.

Top 10 Queer Eye Contestants: Where Are They Now?
Top 10

Yaaaas or Rotten: 'Queer Eye' Fab Five Rate TV \u0026 Movies | Rotten Tomatoes
We gave Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Jonathan Van Ness \"Fresh/Rotten\" paddles and asked ...

Tan France Reacts To The Fab Five's Thirst Traps | Queer Eye | Netflix
Queer Eye's","bold":true},{"text":" Tan France reviews the thirst traps of the Fab Five. Watch

Surprise Staring Contest With The Queer Eye Guys

Queer Eye's Fab Five Take the Ultimate Queer Eye Quotes Quiz
In celebration of season 3

Queer Eye's 'Fab 5' Get Honest During a Game of Never Have I Ever | Cosmopolitan
Oh my gosh, who gave them permission?! Netflix's

Queer Eye's Fab Five Teach Us How to Sext Properly | Under The Covers
Wait, WHO sleeps naked?! We're so ready to snuggle up with America's faves, the cast of Netflix's

Watch Netflix's

'Queer Eye' Cast Reacts to Millennial Trends
We asked the cast of Netflix's '

Queer Eye's 'Fab 5' Play the Superlative Game | Cosmopolitan
How well

Antoni And Jonathan Van Ness Take The BFF Test
Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness (

Antoni Porowski From Queer Eye Reads Thirst Tweets
Antoni (

Queer Eye Perform Britney Spears' “Work Bitch” \u0026 Lady Gaga \u0026 Beyoncé's “Telephone” | Lip Sync Battle
The Fab 5 from

I Interviewed The Queer Eye Guys And They Changed Me
BuzzFeed","bold":true},{"text":" TV Editor Scott Bryan was having a bad month, and then he met

Tan France vs 'The Most Impossible Queer Eye Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets
How well does Tan France know himself and his show, Netflix's '