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Obama 39 S Anger:

Obama's Anger Management Translator Speaks the Truth
Comedian Keegan-Michael Key plays his iconic character Luther at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

CLIP: President Obama's Anger Translator (C-SPAN)
CLIP: President

Key \u0026 Peele - Obama's Anger Translator - Victory

Obama's Anger Translator - The 47%
Obama","bold":true},{"text":" and his

Barack Obama vents anger over 'shameful' gun control defeat
Bristling with

Obama angry over 'another mass shooting in America'

Key \u0026 Peele - Obama's Anger Translator - Michelle Calls Barack
When the First Lady calls the president,

Watch Obama rehearse with his 'anger translator' Luther
Obama's anger","bold":true},{"text":" translator sketch with Keegan-Michael Key of 'Key \u0026 Peele' was a huge hit at the White House Correspondent's ...

Key \u0026 Peele - Obama and Luther's Farewell Address - Uncensored
Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key suit up as President

Angry President Obama Tears Into Donald Trump Like Never Before | NBC Nightly News
In a rare show of

Keegan-Michael Key Brings Luther, Obama's Anger Translator, Out Of Retirement
Keegan-Michael Key's famous character Luther,

Key \u0026 Peele - Obama's Anger Translator - Meet Luther - Uncensored

The Best of Obama and His Anger Translator, Luther - Key \u0026 Peele

Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas
To commemorate President

Obama: Trump only offers anger and blame

Obama’s Anger Translator’s Maddest Moments - Key \u0026 Peele
President Barack

President Obama's Full Speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner
The remarks roasted Washington politicians and featured a surprise guest.

The Rock Obama: GOP Senators - SNL
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel (Andy Samberg) urges President

President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President | NBC News

Barack Obama and His Anger Tranlsator Speak About Government Surveillance - Key \u0026 Peele
President Barack