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MapleStory Classes Tier List - GMS Reboot
This list is based on changes as of June 19th 2020. These rankings are based on my opinions. If you feels strongly about any ...

MAPLESTORY: Top 10 Unfunded Classes
Finally! An updated

Top 10 Unfunded Classes | MapleStory | GMS
Join the Coppersan Squad! Many thanks to our members ...

MapleStory Reboot What Is The best class you Should Play
Today we go over what the

Maplestory: REBOOT! Top 5 Tips for NEW PLAYERS!!
Hey everyone welcome back to the channel, I hope you enjoy the video I have for you today. I know it's kinda long, but I really try ...

Picking a Class to Main or Burn in MapleStory 🍁
My quick 2 cents on helping out players think about what

Maplestory: My Class Ranking
Inb4 \"JETT

Maple Monday : MapleStory Class Tier List
Happy Monday! It has been so long since the last Maple Monday. I thought I would try to do a Maple Monday every Monday for ...

Maplestory Top Five Starter Classes
This do be a list of

Starting GMS Reboot in 2020
A new player is wondering where to start and where to go with

MapleStory: Top Five Classes for Unfunded Players! (2019)
Woo! Managed to pump out a quick

Maplestory First Impression!! Is it worth playing in 2020?!?
Welcome back to another First Impression in this First Impression we are looking at

Maplestory: How to MAKE MESOS (Non-Reboot)
Yes... it is ALSO POSSIBLE to make MESOS in non-

MAPLESTORY: How to GEAR your Character
Hey guys welcome back! Today i'm showing you how to gear your character all the way up to level 150, pretty much the threshold ...

Maplestory: REBOOT! Day 0 to 30, PROGRESSION
Hey, guys welcome back to another video, today I'm showing you my progress after playing

15 years of MapleStory | Timeline | GMS | MSEA | Nostalgia
MapleStory","bold":true},{"text":" is turning 15. We look back at all the memories we made and the content that was released over the years! Prepare to ...

Angelic Buster PowerLevel 10-200 IN 19 MINS!
Back at it again with another crazy powerlevel. SMASHED the previous time to bits. Enjoy! This was done in

Maplestory: REBOOT! How to make an ARCANE KANNA (Arkanna) FARMER!
Note: I probably forgot a ton of stuff/don't know a ton of stuff, but here's what I can provide =] Do not roll for -2sec cd what I said in ...

It is worth to start playing MapleStory in 2020?
So you want to start playing

MapleStory V - 5th Job Skills Showcase
Starting from level 200, your characters can unleash their true powers by activating new 5th job skills. Check out what amazing ...

Pathfinder PowerLevel 10-200 IN BASICALLY AN HOUR!

Training One Of The Strongest Classes To Level 200 | MapleStory Class Guide | GMS
In this video we're training one of the

The BEST classes to play in Maplestory Reboot(Farming,Damage,Bossing)

MapleStory Gear Progression—Best Gear for Budget and Class?
Whether you're an old returning player or not, in this video I'll explain how you can navigate through the myriad of item sets that ...

Training Reboot's Favorite Class To Level 200 | MapleStory | GMS
Join the Coppersan Squad! Many thanks to our members ...

Training the easiest to play Class to Level 200 | MapleStory | GMS
Shade is one of the easiest

MapleStory Class Tier List
MapleStory","bold":true},{"text":" has a lot of

[Maplestory Reboot] Aran Lotus Solo Under 2 Minutes
41.8k stat ~23m range self buffed Max Nodes Leave any questions you have in the comments below!

Training The Most Busted Class To Level 200 | MapleStory | GMS
With skills that do over 1000% damage for your main attacking skill, this