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Former Grade Crossings Of The Northeast Corridor:

Former Grade Crossings of the Northeast Corridor (1981-1984)

Farewell Crossings on the Amtrak Keystone Corridor
In the summer of 2013, Amtrak and local municipalities are working together to decommission the last three

Northeast Corridor Railroad Crossings
These videos were filmed with AcelaBoy2151 at various

Amtrak Trains Speeding Through Irishtown Road Crossing
After the NS 8102 and F-units were put away for the night at Strasburg, daylight was still shining bright, and what a better way to ...

Amtrak and Shore Line East Trains at Miner's Lane
Of the eleven

All Railroad Crossings on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor
Anyone who wants to see the full videos of each

Amtrak Keystone Corridor: Superliners, Pennsylvanian and Keystone Service
On September 29, 2015, we set out to Lancaster County catch a rare move of Superliners under the wires on the Amtrak Keystone ...

AMTRAK North East Corridor New York City to Philadelphia 1992
We watch the sun go down at Edgewood MARC station on Amtrak's

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Run-bys: 2001-2002
Volume 2 of a collection of Amtrak run-bys along the

Thanksgiving Sunday on the Northeast Corridor 2019
We return to Princeton Junction on a much wetter Thanksgiving Sunday than the previous year for 2019's busiest day on Amtrak.

Amtrak \u0026 NJ Transit HD 60fps: Northeast Corridor High Speed Train Action @ Jersey Avenue (12/11/18)
Today, we venture back onto the NEC for some more 125 MPH action @ Jersey Avenue (COUNTY interlocking). Recorded from ...

AMTRAK ACELA First Class - what's it like?
LATEST VIDEO: QATAR A350 BUSINESS CLASS! Help me out by buying ...

The Safest Grade Crossing In America
On November 13, 2012 at 3:45 PM, a southbound Metro-North train passed through what may have been America's safest

150 MPH ACELA EXPRESS!!! And other railfanning in Rhode Island - April, 2019
The Acela Express; The fastest train in the Western Hemisphere, achieving its top operating speed of 150 miles an hour through ...

The Race is On! Two Hot Shot Intermodals Battle it out with Horn and Speed!
Watch until the end for another surprise!!! If you like trains, subscribe! Like ...

Fast trains on the Northeast Corridor
These are various clips of trains running on the NEC. I spent several weeks there in April/May 2012. Most clips were shot in ...

Afternoon With Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor (HO Scale)
Heres some of my trains doing thier thing on the

HD Acela Express @ RR Crossing
Miner's Lane.

Amtrak HD 60fps: High Speed 125 MPH Train Action @ Princeton Junction w/ ACS-64 Veterans Unit 642
Welcome back to Princeton Junction on 6/10/15. I am pleased to be able to offer you guys improved video from this location, using ...

CSX Helps Amtrak PO90
I got to the station late but PO90 had been at the staion 1/ 1/2 before I got there trying to fix the problem. Hope you enjoy the video!

Amtrak Northeast Corridor, ACS-64 and HHP-8 Galore
amtrak #amtraktrains #highspeedtrains An hour or two of Amtrak's NEC at Martins. Train #: Amtrak #19 Engine: ACS-64 #602.

Northeast Corridor Upgrades
Meghan McCorkell reports.

Amtrak Train Spotting at Miner Lane Railroad Crossing in Waterford, CT

⁴ᴷ Former Great Northern Locos On The Northeast Corridor
On the night of May 21-22, 2019 23:00-00:30 hrs I was trackside along the

HHP-8 and AEM-7 Horn Action at Miner’s Lane Crossing
It is May 2013, and all the old electrics are still in service. Here at Miner's Lane in Waterford, CT is one of the last public

Railfanning Amtrak's Northeast Corridor | Cornwells Heights and Hamilton, NJ
A day railfanning Amtrak's

1984 X Ravedj - Ravedj Rocks! \u0026 Former Grade Crossings Of The Northeast Corridor 1981 | RaveDj
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A Short History of A Short Stretch of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
The tracks that carry passenger trains south from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station are built on 17 decades of history. Here's a ...

HD 60FPS: MARC \u0026 Amtrak Northeast Corridor Railfanning @Seabrook, MD Ft. Rare Catches
Recently, (4/17 to 4/20) I went on vacation in Washington D.C, so I thought railfanning MARC and Amtrak on the