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[EU4 Meme] Meet the Castile
Portugal is the land of exportation while Castile is the land of explorers. Subscribe to my other

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Commonwealth
Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, a type of nation that cannot save itself except the others Subscribe to my alt channel ...

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Manchu
To my fellow chinamen, remember to not drop the opium or else the rebels will go crazy and stupid. Subscribe to my alt channel: ...

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Holy Roman Empire
Now it is Cilli that is left to liberate it all. Subscribe to my alt channel, dont forget to turn on the bell : ODDstan2 ...

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Prussia (RIP Rick May)
Give up the disciplinary action! Subscribe to my other

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Byzantium
Byzantium is Greek, Ottomans is Turkish, Venice is Italian, and Hungary is Hungarian Subscribe to my other

[EU4 Meme] Meet the Ottomans
Stop acting clever, Ottomans......... I guess it'll take me a century later to beat you as Byzantium. Subscribe to my other

Meet The SPQR - EU4
Either Die the Hero or live long enough to become Kebab A

When the Ottomans Invade Venice [EU4 Meme]
When the Ottomans Invade Venice.

[EU4 meme] The Ottomans
Well, these videos take quite a long time to create but I enjoy making them so I'll keep them coming. This is a parody for the trailer ...

EU4 Meme | When you ally Poland
MOVIE NAME: The Interview Aka how 2 unintentionally piss off turks Original video: Kim jong-un dies!! (The interview) HD: ...

(HOI4)When you turn off Historical A.I
First one so don't be mean :( This isn't really that great and I am aware.

The Dankify Channel ( inspired me to make a compilation of ...

[EU4] Ottomans vs Prussia. Final Episode of Epic Blob Battles #17
Twitch: Instagram: FB Group: ...

[EU4] When You Play Byzantium for the First Time
Special thanks for the idea: EuropaArroyo333 Patreon: FB Page: ...

Russia/Muscovy in a Nutshell (EUIV Meme)
No Third Rome DLC, Oh noooooooo :P Song: Kalinka Remix If you want to ...

Playing the Ottomans in EUIV in a Nutshell (EUIV Meme)
Barely even 1500 and already ballin' Song: \"Detour\" by Gunnar Olsen \"Dat Step\" by Gunnar Olsen \"Dead Reckoning\" by Ethan ...

[EU4] When ottomans declare war on poland
Thanks for watching. Twitter: @Kais3rLudwig / Steam: Discord: ...

[EU4] When an Ally Saved your Ass
Woop Woop, I hope u enjoy my

(HOI4) Every Turkey Game Ever

EU4 - When you declare Religious War too early
Those space marines are broken... Fuck you FOX, and everyone heil Matt Groening for this Masterpiece.

[EU4] Religious War - Kebabrock
Twitch: Instagram: FB Group: ...

[EU4 Meme] Tengri Horde Poland
the blood of the horse flows through me. Songs used: Driftveil City Theme - Pokémon Black \u0026 White ...

Meet the Spy
Meet the","bold":true},{"text":" Spy, one of nine playable character classes in Team Fortress 2. Name: Spy Role: Support Weapons: Revolver / Electro ...


The Fall of Hungary [EU4 Meme]
The Fall of Hungary.

[EU4] When France Meets Late Game Russia
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EU4 Meme | When France goes Revolutionary
Original Videos/Music used: Pacific Rim - Cherno Alpha \u0026 Crimson Typhoon vs Otachi \u0026 Leatherback: ...

[EU4] Asia - Mingfinity War
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