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Fears grow over Bangladesh's COVID-19 response

COVID-19: Bangladesh hospitals forced to turn away patients
Bangladesh","bold":true},{"text":" has reported its highest single-day increase in

Can Bangladesh deal with mountains of COVID-19 medical waste?
Bangladesh","bold":true},{"text":" was already struggling with poor medical waste management before the

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh at risk of COVID-19 infection
Activists are warning that conditions at crowded camps in southeast

Alarm over Rohingya refugee testing COVID-19 positive in Bangladesh
Aid groups are alarmed by the news that a Rohingya refugee, one of about a million in

Covid-19: The impact of the virus on one London Bangladeshi community - BBC Newsnight

COVID-19 Insights: Bangladeshi Doctors Use A Drug Combo Successfully
Ivermectin - How Does It Work? Reference book: Goodman \u0026 Gilman's: The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 13e ...

Bangladesh players pool money to help combat COVID-19 outbreak
A round-up of all the top stories in cricket Subscribe to ESPNcricinfo: Get our apps: Android: ...

COVID-19 in South Asia: Bangladesh
This virtual seminar, which will focus specifically on

COVID-19: Garment factories in Bangladesh defy lockdown to reopen
Hundreds of

COVID-19: Bangladesh tightens clampdown on seven villages after 100,000 attend cleric's funeral
Bangladesh","bold":true},{"text":" is tightening a clampdown on seven villages, after tens of thousands of people attended the funeral of a popular local ...

Bangladesh arrests health workers for selling fake COVID-19 certificates

Family of Bangladeshi migrant worker infected with COVID-19 to receive $10,000 donation
The family of a 39-year-old migrant worker infected with

Covid-19 restrictions extended till June 30 in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Troops Enforce Lockdown
Bangladesh","bold":true},{"text":" deployed its army to enforce a nationwide lockdown, asking people to stay at home to curb the spread of the ...

COVID-19 Cure: Bangladesh Claims Success; Dr. Tarek Alam Who Is Behind Cure Speaks To India Today
As the world continues to battle the

COVID-19 Ki? | Coronavirus and Social Distancing in Bangladesh
Learn more about

Bangladesh shutdown: Rickshaw pullers struggle to make a living
The nationwide economic shutdown sparked by

Fear of COVID-19 in Bangladesh's Rohingya refugee camps
There are fears it is just a matter of time before an outbreak of

Coronavirus: Bangladesh Garment Factories Reopen Despite Lockdown
Garment workers wipe their hands and get their temperature checked before beginning work in a factory in Savar, just outside ...