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Cliffe Bonfire Society Bonfire:

Cliffe Bonfire Society - BONFIRE 2018 - 1st Procession
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Cliffe Bonfire daytime 1987
Daytime shots on November 5th, 1987. Includes programme sellers; and a brief view of the firesite.

Cliffe Bonfire Society - BONFIRE 2018 - jumping the fire at Cliffe Corner
This video is about

Cliffe Bonfire daytime 1986
Brief shots of

Cliffe Bonfire Society Fireworks 2006 pt 1
behind the gates at the

Cliffe Bonfire Society Final Procession
Cliffe Bonfire","bold":true},{"text":" Final Procession.

Cliffe Bonfire Society - BONFIRE 2018 - the bonfire as viewed from Lewes town centre (Printworks)
When you mix Theresa May, Donald Trump, Tons of Explosives and a crowd of 30000 jeering people -- it's a sure-fire recipe for ...

Lewes Bonfire Night 2010 - An effigy of The Pope is blown up
An effigy of The Pope is blown up at the Commercial Square fire site at Lewes

England - Bonfire Night in Lewes - November 5
Every November 5th, the town of Lewes in Sussex celebrates Guy Fawkes

Cliffe Bonfire Society Parade, Lewes 2011
CBS parading through the streets of Lewes. Fire and banger fest!

Wunt Be Druv | Short Film of Lewes Bonfire 2018
Short film of the 2018 Lewes

Boris and Theresa May effigies on display at Lewes Bonfire Night
All across the UK this evening families will wrap up warm and gather outside to watch the

Bonfire Night At Lewes (1951)
Unissued / Unused material.

Lewes Bonfire Night 2019. A flavour of the evening.
Lewes, East Sussex. South of England. 5th November 2019. A flavour of the street celebrations in the evening. A Tuesday

Cliffe Bonfire Society Fireworks 2006 pt 2
The final procession down

Cliffe Bonfire Society Last Procession, Lewes Bonfire Night 2009
Returning down School Hill to the original home of

Cliffe bonfire Society 2018 tab Theresa May ( come in no10 your time is up)
A Blackberry recording of Lewes 2009

Cliffe Bonfire Society Lewes 2010 - Early Procession
What can i say,once again despite the lack of rookies this year It was great.Somehow it,s always different every year and always ...

Cliffe Bonfire Society Ladies Barrel Race 2010

Cliffe Bonfire Society Procession : Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations 2014
Cliffe Bonfire Society","bold":true},{"text":" Procession With Lots Of Chinese Crackers 2014 Lewes